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Our Journey

Our Journey

The vision of an evangelical covenant church in Breton can be traced as far back as 1929, when Pigeon Lake Bible Camp Meeting (what became Covenant Bay Bible Camp) along with the Alberta Missionary Society decided to send missionaries West of the Lake to share Christ in the “bush land”. Breton, in these days, was a transient community of lumberjacks. The work began with a Daily Vacation Bible School put on by Albert Koch, who would become the first pastor of our church, along with Wolfe Hanson. Through this work, many were saved. Albert was left to shepherd the new believers through Sunday school and home Bible studies. In 1935, they acquired a building from an abandoned lumber company and moved it onto their purchased lot where it has remained to this day. Our first name was the Breton Mission Covenant Church with a membership of 28. It was supported by what is now known as the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada and other Covenant Churches, Malmo being the most familiar to us today.  Our church has always relied on the faith and service of its membership and volunteers. Due to the tough conditions of pioneer living, pastors were almost as transient as Breton itself. It was God’s faithfulness along with those who remained in Breton who continued to give of their time and resources to continue the ministry. We survived a community transition from lumbering to oil and later took a step of faith in rebuilding on our current site. It’s this theme of God’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of those who call Faith Covenant

Church “home” that we celebrated our 75th anniversary in 2010! We praise our Lord for the past, and we ask His continued anointing for our future in Breton!  Some interesting things to note about our history:  -In our first 50 years, the longest tenure of a pastor was 5 years.

  • In an early annual report, Moose Hill was considered a mission field that needed a separate work. Today, it takes 5 minutes to drive there.
  • In 1962, the covenant church building at Knob Hill was moved to Breton where it was added onto the former church building. Both parts of that building stand today on the Southwest corner of 50th St. and 51st Ave.
  • Rod Drebert, former church chairman, praised God in 1976 for having the church’s “highest budget to date” at a mere $9,365. (2010 budget = $284,275)

*All history taken from Faith Through the Years: A History of Faith Covenant Breton.  (1985) by several members. This book is available in our church library.