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At the Break of Day

Psalm 46. “at the break of day”

Submitted by: Gord Gooderham

“Order! Order in the court!” the clerk of the court boldly announced, and all assembled rose in silent respect at the entrance of the judge. It was his time and place to hand down a decision. Judgment was at hand.

It was a time of tribulation and anxiety amongst the nations. The restlessness and agitation of the people was like the collapsing of the high mountains into the seas. The roar of the raging waters thrashing about causing fear of the destruction of all things. Nation against nation, progressive against orthodox, liberal against conservation, wealth against poverty, as battles raged In the heights and the depths. Could anything survive?

In the midst of such chaos and upheaval there is a city and a citadel – God’s dwelling place. Through it runs a river, controlled and directed by sturdy banks, watering the land with gentle streams bringing gladness to the hearts of the citizens. The raging of the oceans is in stark contrast to the peace of this river, as are the nations surrounding the city of God.

For the city dwellers, God is a refuge, a strength, a very present help providing a sanctuary in the midst of danger, darkness and destruction. For the people outside, God is a Judge, who causes desolations to end wars and all its weapons of destruction.

“Be still” is the cry of the court clerk announcing God, the Judge of all the earth. Before him king and president and commander of armies will bow, silenced and humbled. For the God over the nations is the Lord of the heavenly armies. Judgment is at hand

Jesus could have called ten thousand angels times seven “to destroy the world and set him free, but He died alone for you and me.” On that day the hosts of heaven were restrained and the madness of the nations was poured out on the Son of Man. Jesus died at the hands of wicked men for the redemption of repentant sinners. Then came the morning.

To those of contrite heart and active faith in Christ Jesus, help comes “at the break of day”, for that is the hour of resurrection, life from the dead, light from the darkness, liberty from the destruction.

“Therefore we will not fear.”