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We understand that not everyone who comes to our churches grew up in the congregation.  Some may not have gone to a church before.  Some may just be interested in what happens in our churches.  We know that going somewhere new can be intimidating for many people.  We also know that church can seem very different for those who have never been before.  Please know that you will not be judged for not knowing the Bible, we are all in different stages of learning and understanding. We are just please that you chose to share your time with us. Here is a little bit of information that you may find useful.

What do people wear to church?
Some people like to dress up for church, others dress casual.   What is important isn’t how we dress but that we come together.  We welcome everything from jeans to suits.

What happens when I open the doors?
You will walk into our fellowship area where people gather and visit before the worship time begins; there is coffee available and sometimes snacks. From there, our ushers will greet you.  They will give you a bulletin (a piece of paper with the outline of the service on it).  You are then welcome to sit wherever you would like.  Some people like to talk before the service others like to sit quietly.

Where should I sit?
Anywhere.  While many people sit in the same place every week people are welcomed to sit wherever they would like and we’ll make room for you wherever you sit.

What if I don’t like to sing?
Worship in the Christian faith involves a lot of singing.  We sing four hymns (songs) on a Sunday with a couple of shorter songs.  If you don’t like singing don’t worry, just listen and enjoy.

What is the offering?
The offering is the time in the service where we celebrate the sharing of our gifts of time, talent, and money.  Many people will place donations to the church in a plate that is passed around during this part of the service.   While we are grateful for any and all donations if you don’t want to donate or if you don’t have money with you just let the plate go by.  No one will be offended if you don’t give.  The greeters can also give you a guest envelope if you would like a tax receipt for your donation. Financial gifts help support the ministry of the church.  With a lot of care and prayer we strive to be good stewards of all donations of time, talent, and money.

I have children are they welcome?
Yes.  We love having children at our churches and welcome them.  Most Sundays they are invited to attend Children’s Church during the sermon (a time for prayer, crafts, and bible stories).  Children are also welcome to stay with their family if they wish.  We understand that children are not always used to sitting through the first part of the service and sometimes move around, talk, sing, dance and this is okay.

What happens after church?
Following the service you are welcome to join us for coffee, tea, and a snack in the foyer, the same fellowship area when you arrived.  You are welcome but not obliged to stay.  The pastor greets people as they leave and shakes their hand.

I came to church, but I’m late.  Is that okay?
Yes.  It is okay if you are late or if you have to leave early.  The bulletins are on a stand near the entrance and you are welcome to take one and quietly find a seat.

What do I call the Pastor?
There are many titles used for ministers including reverend or pastor.  Some people like to use former titles when talking to the pastor, we simply call her Pastor Natasha.

What if I have other questions?
Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you know more about the church.  Under the “Contact us” tab you’ll find our information


Please check the church calendar for Sunday school dates.


The nursery room is open to all on Sunday mornings from 11am-12:30 pm, and has toys, rocking chairs, a personal bathroom and changing tables available. For any questions about nursery, please feel free to contact the Church office.


Ladies Ministries are so important to us. There are so many changes in a woman’s life, from marriage to pregnancy, births and deaths, family and friends lost and found.

Our hope and prayer with our different ministries here at FCC, is that every woman has a place to come, sit and be connected to other women with whom you can relate to.

Do you feel disconnected? Lost in your faith? Discouraged and struggling? Joyful and excited? Whatever place you’re in, you have a connection here with our women who are on the same journey in following Jesus.



Call the office, 780-696-3669 for more information or to find out what the current study is.


Please check our calendar in the Events tab for church events.


Our Knit and Kackle group meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month 🙂 If you are a novice, beginner knitter or an experienced lady of thread – feel free to come out!

Our amazing ladies continually contribute to missions projects and various needs. These needs are incredibly important, and our ladies continue to make blankets, scarves, mitts, toques and baby clothes to be donated both locally and globally.

We care deeply about the youth of our community and offer a few different ministry programs that focus on students in grades 7-12. Events and programs are organized and run by a volunteer team of committed adults who have a heart for teens. Come check things out, and you might even see a familiar face!


Each month, our fantastic volunteers organize youth events. Check out the details on the events page.


Classes are offered from September through May, from 9:45 – 10:45 am. We will have games/activities, bible lessons, and conversation/prayer. All are welcome as we explore what it means to follow Jesus. The Sunday morning church service happens afterwards; please join us.


Make sure to watch the church calendar of events. Often we will have a men’s event, anything from wood chopping to help out a fellow congregant to fishing planned at the last minute.


If you’re looking for a place of connection and new friendships built upon learning about the Lord, you’ve come to right place!  Meet us every Wednesday from September to May at 7 pm to dive deeper into the Word.

Call the office, 780-696-3669 for more information or to find out what the current study is.