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Local Missions


Here at FCC, we partner with the Food bank of Canada, and operate the Breton and Area Food Bank out of the church basement. Our congregation donates food all year round to help us aid with this ministry. This ministry is led by John and Barb Meinzinger, and weekly they organize their committed volunteers for the packing and distributing of food to those in need. To get involved with volunteering for this very busy ministry, please contact the Church Office and they will get you in touch with John and Barb. 780-696-3669


“Our Food Bank journey began one day in the fall of 2010 when Pastor Dan Olson asked us to consider the Food Bank ministry as a way to serve God, the church and our community. We met with him to discuss the ministry. We agreed that we are called to feed the hungry in our area, that we need to be good stewards of what God has provided us with, and that we must be accountable to those God has led to give to us. We also must be able to show compassion for the hamper recipients by treating them with love and dignity, and also to protect their identity. We agreed that this ministry also needed to be kept viable into the future.

In early 2011, Pastor Dan approached us once again.  Dan and Kerri felt called to another church and wished to hand the Food Bank leadership over to another couple. He was confident we were a good choice. (We were probably the only couple on the committee). However, we felt that he had put much prayer into this decision. We were hesitant to take on this ministry, but we also felt unable to say no.

The Food Bank repackaging food, packing and distributing hampers, shopping for food, picking up food, exchanging coin jars, attending meetings and more!  We have also been blessed with donations of food and money from organizations, individuals, corporations and businesses! We have been able to promote awareness through opportunities that have been brought to us, to engage our community. We are thankful for each volunteer – as this is truly a group effort!

Our Food bank experience has been a huge blessing, what seemed like another has blossomed since! We are helping many more people than we were in 2011.  We have been blessed with many volunteers who work  job at the church has become a hobby! We care and love our recipients! We’ve developed wonderful relationships with volunteers and love them dearly. We feel God has provided us with an opportunity use the gifts He gave us, to join many hands together to feed needy people, and build closer relationships with those who work alongside us. We pray God will continue to bless this ministry. As for us, we praise God! This ministry has changed our lives.  It has helped us see the abundance most of us have, and also feel the pure joy that is present when we help someone less fortunate.”