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Spring Training

When the weather is nice I like to run into church on Sundays or ride my bicycle. I like the practical idea that my exercise is for purpose and it keeps me in shape. But during the winter i’m not very disciplined at trying to stay in shape so when spring rolls around And I hop on my bike for that first time or put on my “five finger shoes” for that first run I realize that i’m not in very good shape anymore. Professional athletes have a bit of the same problem. They have what’s referred to as “spring training”. In their off-season they haven’t been as focused and intentional on keeping themselves in shape so that they can be “on top of their game”. You see it doesn’t take much time to get out of shape and to stay in shape requires willpower and diligence and commitment. During the strange times that we are living in we have an opportunity to start a good “spring training ” program. For you see spiritual training works much the same way. To be in good shape spiritually we need to be constantly training. Constantly reading the word , constantly praying, constantly being in fellowship, constantly living out the commands and instructions for life that our good Lord gave us. So do we use this extra time given to us to watch more movies on Netflix (like I did during my first self isolation coming back from the US) or spend more time on social media or pursuing other worldly interests? Or do we use this extra time to deepen our faith and our relationship with God? “ So let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith .” Hebrews 12. Good luck with your “spring training” and May God bless all efforts made to deepen your faith!

Submitted by: Brian Impey