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The Good News Man

The Good News Man
Submitted by: Gordon Gooderham
Mark 1:1-8.
Good news has a beginning in the person of a man named Jesus. Born a Jew, his name carried the meaning of “God is Savior”. Further, he received a title, Messiah or Christ, meaning “the anointed one”. The life of this man was sealed by the Holy Spirit to fulfil a ministry that was promised and prophesied in early history.
Although the gospel began in Jesus Christ around 30 A.D., it was rooted in the calling and history of the people called Jews. Marks brief opening statement (v1) is followed by two lines written hundreds of years earlier. The first line (v2) is from Malachi (meaning, the messenger)and refers to another messenger who would be sent to prepare for the coming of the “good news man”. It was written 400 years prior to Jesus birth, and 400 years after the announcement of a “road worker” who would flatten and straighten a Highway for the good news man to travel. Isaiah wrote long accounts of pending judgement (Isa 1-35) and then the actual invasion of his Jewish homeland by surrounding nations (Isa 36-39). In chapter 40 his message changes to that of comfort, hope, deliverance and restoration. (Isa. 40-66).
All of this would begin with someone simply called “a voice”. (40:3). It was the voice of John, aka, the Baptist, who shook up the Judaean countryside with his hillbilly appearance and apocalyptic preaching. Strange as he looked and acted, he announced the coming of one whose authority and ministry would exceed his own. This coming one would not baptize in water, but with the holy spirit. (Mark 1:8).
How strange is that?
This is “the beginning of the gospel about Jesus Christ, the son of God.”
Beyond the fact that this man, Jesus, was born of a woman, as are all persons, his identity was wrapped in a mystery when Mark refers to him as Son of God. What do we do with that identification? How can it be that this person of flesh and blood, growing from infancy to manhood, eating and drinking, studying and working, could possibly be God’s Son? Certainly he is something different, man and God, and he is someone worth knowing. He will immerse himself in you, as you immerse yourself in him.
That is good news!