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What’s going on?

Luke 15:25-32.

The older son was working in the field; it was his daily practice. He was determined to please his father, as faithful as a servant, as obedient as a slave. His labours were interrupted by sounds from his house, sounds never heard on a work day. Laughing and cheering, singing and shouting, music and dancing.

Calling a houseboy, he asked “What’s going on?” The answer filled him with anger, and he turned away. “Your brother has come home, your father has announced a party!” He wanted nothing to do with his wasteful, shameful brother. “How could he show his face back home? Why would his father do this?”

Refusing to join the celebration, “his father went out and pleaded with him.” Just as the father had warmly hugged his fallen, broken younger son, he now lovingly pled with his upright, wilful older son. His outward behaviour was good and commendable, but his heart was bitter and resentful. “I’ve stayed home and worked every day, he ran away and wasted everything. I’ve never celebrated with a young goat, he celebrates with a fattened calf. I’ve kept company with good friends, he has run around with lewd prostitutes. It’s not fair. ‘This son of yours’ doesn’t deserve it.”

“My son”, pled the father, “you have what you deserve, my heart and my home. But ‘this brother of yours’ was dead and gone. We had to celebrate because he is alive and back.” My son, open your home to your brother, and you will open your heart to your father.

Our Heavenly Father waits and pleads for each one who stands aloof of the wideness of His mercy and the abundance of His grace.

Submitted by: Gord Gooderham